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Guitar for foreigner expat


You are living in Ho Chi Minh City or currently working there, and you want to learn how to play guitar?

You can’t communicate well in Vietnamese and looking for some place with affordable prices and guaranteed teaching quality?

As the professional guitar institute in Ho Chi Minh City, we are currently using books from the USA, and the teaching programs are standardized. Our teachers are selectively chosen, and our facilities are optimized for practicing and learning guitar. SEA Guitar can satisfy your “guitar-hero” dream.


Available courses:

  • Fast-track guitar (for beginner only)
  • Guitar Academic Program (from basic to advanced level)
  • Ukulele super fast-track (for beginner only)
  • Guitar for Tween (from basic to advanced level)


  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • Class’s schedule is flexible (depend on your schedule)
  • 100% communicated in English during the course



How to enroll?

Just simply email us your mobile phone number to: seaguitar.vn@gmail.com (subject of the email should be “Sign up for Guitar courses”). SEA Guitar will contact you within 24 hours (working days)

Tuition fee: Call Hotline for more information and available promotion (if any) or email us at info@seami.world 

SEA Guitar!

anh Đăng Trình – Song From A Secret Garden (Cover)

Cơ hội học GUITAR theo cách dễ dàng nhất.